"The Birkman questionnaire gave me confirmation; I got precise words to describe what I felt before and helped me visualise the track I should follow."...

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    How is employee retention beneficial to my organization?

    Without employee retention, all the investment in training and skill improvement is lost.

    How can suitable hiring influence my organization?

    Suitable hiring means a right fit for the job as well as a competency level commensurate with the responsibility. Such criteria contribute to the increased productivity of the organization. Suitable hiring also means a good fit between the employee and the organization's culture which increases motivation.

    How can team building help my organization?

    Some of these benefits include:
    • Improving morale and leadership skills
    • Finding the barriers that stop creativity
    • Identifying and understanding each member's style and stress reaction
    • Improving communications
    • Improving organization productivity
    • Identifying a team's strengths and weaknesses
    • Improving the ability to solve problems
    • Taping into hidden potential

    How can the Coaching Clinic® help in retaining valuable team members?

    The participants in the Coaching Clinic® will raise their standards for the own skills and competencies. They will be able to immediately use primary and advanced coaching skills, facilitate coaching conversations, and use their knowledge of communication styles to maximize the effectiveness of workplace communications. The result will be proficiency in coaching technology and enhanced confidence as organizational leaders. The company will be provided with a toolbox of skills that managers, leaders and supervisors can apply to their interactions immediately. Through gaining this skill, leaders, managers or supervisors will know what to do when faced with challenges. This means increased employee retention and real behavior change for all Coaching Clinic® participants and their employees.

    How can the Coaching Clinic® improve communication skills?

    Through taking a coaching approach to support their employees, managers can create partnerships with them to achieve mutually beneficial results. By creating a collaborative culture, employees can focus on their jobs instead of being distracted by suspicion and fear. The coaching process helps re-build trust and re-open communication. It supports attitudes of openness and accountability.

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