"The Birkman questionnaire gave me confirmation; I got precise words to describe what I felt before and helped me visualise the track I should follow."...

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Career Management: Choosing A Career That Fits

When you are at a cross road applying for a first job, making a mid-life career change or opting for an intra-company transfer, choosing the right job can be a stressful process. Many important factors need to be considered. Salary, location, responsibilities, reputation of the employer are some of them. Professional career counselors know that while these are important, none is as important as focusing on the job seeker's needs and interests to find a fulfilling job in which he or she can be successful. Using the Birkman personality assessment can help move the individual beyond the realm of identifying a "good career" into one in which the career would be "good for the individual". The Birkman Method® allows an individual to assess career interests, motivators and the work environments that will increase the possibility of finding an ideal career fit.
The Birkman Method® allows an individual to assess career interests, motivations and the work environments that will strengthen the potential for a successful job and career fit.

Conflict Resolution: A Better Way to Resolve Workplace Conflicts

Misunderstanding an individuals' actions and needs can lead to a contentious environment. It is common that such misunderstanding happens when two or more individuals with different priorities, styles and needs must interact to implement plans and solve problems. . This misunderstanding can quickly escalate into a situation in need of an intervention. The Birkman Method® is an effective tool for understanding the deeper implications of work-related conflicts and allows for a more effective solution of the conflict at hand, while giving the participants the necessary insights and tools to minimize future conflicts.

The unique "Differences to Watch" report generated by the Birkman personality assessment highlights where one individual's usual behaviors are not likely to meet another individual's underlying needs. By highlighting these differences, a process of reducing or avoiding the development of abrasive relationships begins, thus allowing the individuals to build bridges of communication and get back to the task of working together for the common good.

Executive Coaching

Executives need to be on top of their game. This is why having the right coach with the right tools is of the utmost importance. The Birkman Method®, is an effective and efficient way to accelerate the movement towards self-awareness, self-management and personal development, which are the goals of most coaching assignments.

Employee Retention

"Employees leave bosses, not companies." While employees look to change positions for a number of reasons, including career advancement, location, and financial opportunity, having a conflict with one's supervisor is oftentimes reported as the number one reason employees leave their position.
The unique "Differences to Watch" report generated by the Birkman personality assessment can be a critical tool in highlighting where a supervisor is not meeting the needs of his subordinates. Coaching can then be used to reach a better understanding of the differences and how to avoid conflicts.
Additionally, work styles play a big role in retention: Traditionally, employees have been placed in a position based on "hard skills. However, hard skills are not sufficient to form a complete job fit that results in a long-lasting working relationship.
Career mismatch is often the result of the lack of understanding an individual's natural work style and how it fits into the company's culture and particular positions within the company. This leads to job dissatisfaction and unnecessary employee turnover. The Birkman Method® is ideal for testing for work styles, allowing employers to place individuals in a position that suits their personality and allows them to thrive within a harmonious environment.

Hiring and Selection Decisions

A company's primary goal is to find candidates that fit the job -. -The ideal - candidate -needs to -fit the work environment as well as the corporate culture.-. The Birkman Method® saves -companies time and money by helping them make informed decisions about the people they are looking to hire. Therefore, they can hire right the first time and avoid costly mistakes.

Leadership Development

Leaders are not just found but are developed. .
The Birkman Method® is a powerful tool for promoting leadership. It allows potential leaders to -discover their areas of strengths -as well as their weaknesses, thereby letting them - focus on effective use of these strengths and manage the places they need improvement with the help of an executive coach.

Team Building

Today's highly competitive market requires building a team where the strengths of each team member are focused in a collaborative effort. How a team harnesses the strengths of all its members is what determines success.

With The Birkman Method®, companies can learn more about how to select each member of a team and how to assemble teams that will have synergy in communicating and working together. Through understanding the strengths and weakness of each individual, companies identify and utilize the individual that is right for each job on the team and in turn, increase productivity and the bottom line.

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