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“I took the Birkman test in April 2005. At that time, I had already made some decisions regarding my career, and I did not give much attention to the result of the test, especially that it made my previously taken decisions questionable. A year later, my decisions proved not well-founded. I went back to the test result and it helped me decide a career shift based on my strengths, needs, and areas of interest. It has been more than a year now since I made that shift and I have never been more certain about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I was able to combine my strengths with an understanding of my needs to avoid possible causes of stress. I would definitely recommend the Birkman test to anyone in need of a better understanding of themselves as well as of their relationship with their colleagues and the way it could be improved to increase the overall productivity."

“The Birkman test has exceeded my expectations of psychometric assessment tests; it gave me a thorough and very accurate feedback on the person I am and a very good insight about what motivates me at work, my strength and it helped me see how other might see me. I found the information invaluable and vital for improving my performance and my results."

"The Birkman report helped me increase my awareness of potentially satisfying occupations for me. It answered questions like “which sectors I’m best suited for and why? “. Next, Roula's debriefing sessions interpreted and analyzed the report, provided me with a better understanding of my future choices and tied the whole in an action plan and a follow up. It was a successful combination and I’m very satisfied ! "

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