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"The Birkman questionnaire gave me confirmation; I got precise words to describe what I felt before and helped me visualise the track I should follow."

"The analysis of the Birkmann test was exceptional in identifying factors that induce stress in respect to my personality. It described the components that should be available in the work environment for a maximized motivation. The test was as useful at the professional level as at the personal level since it directed on the interaction with others and the type of extra-curricular activities to satisfy my personality needs, decrease stress and hence improve the quality of life. In sum, the test supported me know more myself, understand others and hence a main tool of conflict prevention that increases the level of comfort and happiness."

The timeline therapy helped me get rid of the load that I have been carrying all these years! It gave me a great push to succeed in the transition period of being an expatriate for 10 years and now back to my home town. It made me see clearly the right path that I had to trace for myself. I am happy with myself, more confident than ever and keep on going against all odds!! I would highly recommend this kind of therapy for those who feel tired, confused and not able to take the right decisions in their lives! Thank you Roula..

"I found the Birkman test and coaching to be very beneficial to me. I liked it so much, that whenever I meet someone who's not sure if they're on the right track career wise (which was my case), I advise them to take the test and go through the coaching. It will also benefit the ones who are not sure what they really want from life and work of course. It's definitely worth the cost."

“The Birkman Test provides great insights into one's "emotional DNA", adding a key dimension in the career planning thought process. It is easy for any individual to take the test. It is also extremely helpful for employers as it provides user-friendly and graphic-based output report describing potential fit at-a-glance. The de-briefing session is not only valuable in explaining results and analyzing profiles, but more importantly, it turns out to be a true career coaching session with solid quantitative and qualitative basis to support it."

"I, as many other students, have found difficulty in determining my future aspirations, The Birkman Test proved to be an excellent "guide" in leading me in the right direction. Using the information the test provided, I was able to choose courses in the International Baccalaureate program, which I have been able to enjoy and excel in. I would recommend The Birkman Test for anyone who is uncertain about their future interests and career choices."

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