"The Birkman questionnaire gave me confirmation; I got precise words to describe what I felt before and helped me visualise the track I should follow."...

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    How can coaching help me improve my performance?

    • Coaching helps me unlock my true potential through raising awareness, inspiring new ideas and building a can-do attitude
    • Coaching helps me set clear goals for where I want my career to go and overcome obstacles as well as learn the good habits needed for a fulfilling and truly excellent career
    • Coaching helps me build stronger self-confidence and self-esteem and flexibility when dealing with other people
    • Coaching helps me reach a work/life balance that suits me
    • Coaching helps me gain an understanding of how to use my time and resources to my greatest advantage
    • Coaching helps me improve my communication skills and personal effectiveness

    How can coaching help me improve the quality of employee's lives?

    Through taking a coaching approach to support their employees, managers can create partnerships with them to achieve mutually beneficial results. By creating a collaborative culture, employees can focus on their jobs instead of being distracted by suspicion and fear.

    How can coaching help managers?

    The coaching process helps managers to:
    • Discover how to inspire others to believe in their own success, sharpen their focus and make radical shifts to achieve extraordinary results
    • Recognize how and when to ask the questions to discover others' deepest values and hidden talents
    • Access a powerful structure and process which enable them to begin coaching for winning performance immediately
    • Make significant advances in their personal and professional relationships with others
    • Enhance organization-wide communication
    • Develop employee competencies necessary for teamwork, leadership and high performance
    • Increase creativity
    • Enhance employee morale, loyalty and motivation
    • Maximize the productivity of valuable human resources

    How can coaching help me achieve my goals?

    The process of coaching and follow-up holds the focus on my goals, accelerating movement toward the goal, reinforcing learning and change, and increasing self-empowerment.
    Coaching will help me:
    • Set a SMART Goal
    • Prepare an Action Plan for my goal
    • Take Action
    • Review my progress against my goal
    • Celebrate my successes.

    How can coaching help me plan ahead and take actions?

    With my goals in mind, coaching becomes a road map that helps me move step by step to where I want to be.

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